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The cooperative site by which Katsushika is everyone-Katsushika-ku formal cooperative home page-

Term of service

The cooperative site term of service by which Katsushika is everyone


Katsushika is the site which opened for cooperative activation with the inhabitant of a ward and the enterpriser who can advance Katsushika-ku (It was called “the ward” in the following.) towards all cooperative site (Hereinafter it was called “this site”.), and the district is managing. When using this site, all cooperative site term of service (It’s called “this agreement” in the following.) applies this Katsushika, so before using it, please be sure to read.


The 1st article (about term of service)

1 agreement sets the use condition of all service (It’s called “this service” in the following.) that the ward offers it in this site. When using this service, you consider to have agreed to this agreement.

2 We assume that it’s possible to change this agreement anytime by a judgement in the ward without the ward’s getting the user’s preliminary approval when judging that there was a considerable reason.

3 We assume that this agreement after change comes into the force more than the time the ward indicated on this site except for the case set separately. When the user uses this service after the effect of the change in this agreement has formed, you consider to have agreed to this agreement after change.

4 When 4 agreements were changed, this agreement in the later when change concerned was also formed out of change in the agreement concerned about the act performed by the user is applied.

5 Even if certain everything prescriptive or part of an agreement is when it was judged to be invalid based on a decree, 5 parts in any place but an established invalid part concerned and other regulations of this agreement make effective. The part of this agreement was made invalidity between the specific user or even when its being canceled, we assume that this agreement is effective by a relation between other users.

6 Even when using the right indicated by an agreement or not putting it into effect, the ward doesn’t give up a right concerned.


The 2nd article (definition)

The significance of the terminology used in this agreement is made the street set as each next number.

1 It’s called 1 “member group registration” to be registered by Thurber of this site as a contributor.

2 All people who use this service are called 2 “the user” in spite of a presence of member group registration.

3 The person who does member group registration procedure based on a regulation of an article and uses this service next is called 3 “group”.

4 A group calls the line of the character and a number to distinguish the group which registered with the time of registration procedure or did change procedure after registration 4 “password”.

5 The information registered on this site is called 5 “registration information”.

6 The information it’s possible to distinguish the specific user from which (It can be checked with other information easily and something it’ll be possible to distinguish the more specific user from which is included.) is called 6 “personal information”.


The 3rd article (member group registration)

1 Without doing a of member group registration for service, it’s possible to use it, but member group registration is needed to send group information over this service.

2 An important matter of the autonomy town assembly which does member group registration, an inhabitant of a ward active group, NPO, a volunteer group and an enterpriser, etc. (It’s called “group” in the following.) makes the thing with which all each next numbers are filled an important matter.

(1) be the group which agreed to this agreement.

(2) be the group doing contribution activity of an area in Katsushika-ku and be non-group of for-profit activities. But, even enterpriser’s profit-making group is the group doing area contribution activity, and we assume that only the case when the area contribution activity is sent can be registered.

(3) members of a group be more than 3.

(4) regulations about operation of a group (memorandums, agreements and rules of the society, etc.) be made.

(5) the thing a person in charge of a group and a contact person in charge can specify.

(6) don’t come into action contrary to activity contrary to good public order and customs and a decree.

(7) be not the group which had religious activities and political activity for its object.

(8) be not the group which had for its object that person young SHIKU in the specific public office (I said the prescribed public office to the public office election law (number 100 of law in 1950) 3rd article.) recommends the candidate or a political party and supports it or opposes these.

(9) a terrorist organization (I say a prescribed terrorist organization to a 2nd number of law (77th number of law in 1991) 2nd article about prevention of an unfair act by a gangster.) or goon squad young SHIKU be not the group which is under the gangster’s control.

(10) additionally be not the group which allowed the ward not to be suitable.

3 After the group which satisfies all important matters of the preceding clause attaches the form inserted in each next number, you do registration procedure.

(1) registration written application (1st number, the style)

(2) memorandums of a group, agreements and rules of the society, etc.

(3) register of a member or an official

(4) the material which understands the activity outline

(5) additionally the form which allows the ward to be necessary in particular

4 When the ward examines the submitted application contents and approves member group registration of a group in case of registration procedure of the preceding clause, I register the application contents concerned as registration information and notify the mail address or the address entered in a registration written application of approval. Further when judging that it was improper that the ward approves it as a member, member group registration isn’t sometimes approved.

5 The ward examined the application contents of a claimant or a group or registration information in spite of preliminary that of member group registration apart from the preceding clause, and when judging the ward to come under the following item, we assume that it’s possible to release member group registration.

(1) when a claimant or a group doesn’t exist.

(2) when I’m getting the punishment which is set as the 14th article initial term in the time when I applied or come under one of the case or the 13th each each article item number received in the past, and there is a fear that young SHIKU is relevant.

(3) when there was false mentioning by intention in the application contents or registration information.

(4) additionally when the ward judged member group registration of a group to be unsuitable.

6 When a group of member group registration was set to only 1 case, and there was more than one cases of registration, registration information is eliminated by a judgement in the ward.


The 4th article (the member ID and password)

1 When approving 1 ward as a member to the group which applied for member group registration, the member ID and a temporary password are issued.

2 We assume that the management of the member ID and a password is as follows.

(1) we assume that a group changes the temporary password at the time of the first time login.

(2) we assume that a group is managed under own responsibility about the member ID and a password, and we assume that the ward doesn’t shoulder the total responsibility about the total disadvantage and damage a group covered because registration information was inaccuracy or falseness.

(3) when logging in to the ward, when confirming that input member ID and password are parallel with registered member ID and password by a fixed way login concerned is regarded as login of a true group and it’s regarded as use by a group.

(4) we assume that the act which is transferring the member ID and a password, and for dealing won’t be done at all.


The 5th article (change in the notification information and release of member group registration, etc.)

1 When a group was reported and there was change in information, we assume that I notify the ward of a registration change notice of the contents (2nd number, the style) promptly. When there is no these notification, the ward is treated as something which has no change in the notification information.

2 When notice from the ward and others were delayed or were nonarrival and default because notification of change in the notification information from a group was not, we assume that the ward doesn’t shoulder the responsibility.

3 A group can release member group registration by notifying the ward of a notice of withdrawal (3rd number, the style).


The 6th article (contact or notice)

1 The mail address which was registered when judging the ward to be necessary to be a contact to a group or notice, or, I make a contact to the telephone number or notify.

2 We assume that the user contacts the ward in a mail or the telephone except for a case with the decision which is particularly in this agreement.


The 7th article (stops of this servicing)

1 All of this service or a certain offer is stopped temporarily without notifying the user beforehand when the following one of reasons have caused the ward.

(1) when the occasion or the check which does the periodic maintenance by which it’s for the telecommunications services to offer this service is performed urgently.

(2) when fire and a blackout, etc. couldn’t offer any more this service.

(3) when the natural disaster by which earthquakes and eruptions are floods and tidal waves, etc. couldn’t offer any more this service.

(4) when wars, disturbances, riots, riots and labor disputes, etc. couldn’t offer any more this service.

(5) when an unjust invasion through the internet couldn’t offer any more this service.

(6) additionally when on the practical use, on the technology and the ward judged a temporary stop of an offer of this service to be necessary.

2 We assume that 2 ward can suspend a site with a fixed notice period.

3 When judging that the ward was necessary, we assume that it’s possible to cancel to change the contents of this service or offer this service to stop young SHIKU anytime without notifying beforehand.

4 Even if a stop generates delayed young SHIKU in all of this service or a certain offer by both in each initial term number or other reasons, the ward doesn’t shoulder total responsibility except for the case set in particular by this agreement about the damage the user or a third person caused by this covered.

5 Even when the ward canceled to change the contents of this service or offer this service to stop young SHIKU, we assume that the responsibility isn’t shouldered at all to the user except for the case set in particular by this agreement.


The 8th article (maintenance of the use environment)

1 We assume that the user prepares a necessary communication equipment and all equipment which software and other things is needed with these in own cost and responsibility and puts in the available state to use this service. We assume that the user chooses and connects to the internet via telecommunication service or an electric communication line optionally in own cost and responsibility in case of use of this service.

2 The user consults the information related government offices offer, and we assume that infection of an electronic virus and prevention of hacking and an information leak maintain security according to the use environment of the oneself.

I neither participate in 3 ward at all about the use environment of the user nor shoulder total responsibility.


The 9th article (principle of self-responsibility)

1 We assume that the user uses this service for the user in his self-responsibility, using this service, we assume that the responsibility is shouldered about accomplished total act and the result.

2 When the user gave damage or disadvantage to a third person and the ward of the other users and other things on the occasion of use of this service, we assume that this is settled in own responsibility and cost.


The 10th article (intellectual property right)

1 The person the ward or the ward designates to the ward about the contents the user made the user send, contents concerned, Japan, domestic and abroad, I don’t care, a consideration uses freely paying and not having that and with having no kind of restrictions in non-exclusive way, (I reprint, open it, send, distribute and hand over, and loan, translation and adaptation are included.) A right (A sub-license right is also included.), a copyright which affects contents concerned and other things, I make it something to consider to have assented and consent to this beforehand until a continuation period of a total right expires. Even if the user is possessing a moral right which affects contents concerned to the person the ward and the ward designate, we assume that a right concerned isn’t used.

2 riyoushagasoushin(hasshin)shitakontentsu、riyoushaniyorusabisunoriyou.setsuzoku.kiyakuihan、riyoushaniyorudaisanshahenokenrishingainikiinmatahakanrenshiteshoujitasubetenokuremuyaseikyuunitsuite、riyoushanosekinintohiyounioitekorewokaiketsusurumonotoshimasu。

3 When doing the payment which is the occasions or the indemnities, etc. a cost generated in the ward in relation to the claim of the preceding clause and correspondence to a charge, the cost concerned, the indemnity and the attorney fee the ward paid, etc. are made a burden of the user concerned and the ward is made the one which can charge the user concerned payment of these net totals.

4 The user recognizes that there is no preservation obligation in the ward and supports necessary contents with something to take suitably about the contents the user made send.

5 It was possible to read the operation top as the need arises, and when judging to conflict in an agreement, without, preliminary notice to the user the ward makes the contents the user made send the thing to which all or the part of contents concerned is exhibited or something it’s possible to eliminate.


The 11th article (property right in the ward)

1 The total contents included in this service and a property right about information belong to the ward except for the contents and the information the user made send.

2 of carrying and offered contents are protected by modal Copyright Act, trademark law and design, etc. during service.

The property right protected by decrees and an open secret about an intellectual property right are included in all software used in relation to service and this service.


The 12th article (prohibited matter)

1 We assume that the user isn’t supposed to do the following act on the occasion of use of this service.

(1) the act to which the district contributes information besides the advanced cooperative promotion

(2) the act which invades the intellectual property right by which the ward and other user young SHIKU are other third person’s (It’s called “others” in the following.) copyright and service mark right, etc. or act with the fear that it’s invaded

(3) others’ assets, the act by which private young SHIKU invades a portrait right or act with the fear that it’s invaded

(4) offer of specific personal personal information

(5) the act which suspends the status of the group or does member group registration for an invalidated group

(6) discrimination young SHIKU slanders others, the act others’ honor young SHIKU slanders or by which damages trust

(7) the act by which young SHIKU of contents of information or others alters information dishonestly and erases in young SHIKU of contents of this accessible service

(8) the ward or the act which will be others and is finished (The act which is worked in the part where it’s for mail header is included to misrepresent.)

(9) the act others send harmful computer programs or put in the state that reception is possible

(10) prior campaigning of election, election campaign, political activity, religious activities, for-profit activities and the act by which young SHIKU violates an act similar to this or a decree of the public office election law

(11) the act to which e-mail young SHIKU which are advertisement, advertisement and invitation, etc. without notice sends the e-mail which holds a hate sense (An e-mail with the fear is included.) to others, the act which interferes with others’ mail reception, the act from which a chain of mail transmission is requested or the act forwarded according to the request concerned

(12) the act by which act young SHIKU which applies a load to a server beyond the act for which this service is usually used promotes that and the act additionally operation of this service and offer young SHIKU interfere with use of this service by the other users or which hinders those

(13) the act which makes the information, the equipment and the software, etc. to release or avoid the access control function by which it’s for a server circulated

(14) the act the function offered by this service is copied, corrected, reprinted, altered and changed, and a reverse engineering, disassembling and reverse compilation are translated or, which is analyzed

(15) the act or which depends on cheat-like means (So-called fishing and the way to make the kind this are included.) without getting one’s own consent, and acquires others’ registration information

(16) all of this service or the act for which the part is used in spite of use method at a commercial destination (The act I had for my object also includes those preparations.)

(17) the act the act for which this service is used without discharging procedure concerned when the procedure by which authorization is acquisition reports and is required, and the fear additionally I violate a decree concerned or that violates it to supervisory office are based on a decree

(18) damage of the act which interferes with operation of this service, an exchange of the information in which others take the lead, the act which interferes with sharing and trust, the ward where property right are invasions or the act which gives disadvantage to others

(19) the act by which decree young SHIKU in addition to the above each number violates this agreement or the act which violates good public order and customs

(20) the act which judged that the and so on ward was unsuitable as the user

2 The group which registered a member group doesn’t decide to link the preceding clause to the home page information by an act has carried from this service.


The 13th article (member group registration release)

1 When the ward judged that the user’s act was against this agreement, the ward releases a halt of elimination, change and service and member group registration of the contents by which a transmission (sending) was done through this service and makes the access denied to this site something which can be done without notifying the user concerned at all by a judgement in the ward.

2 When the ward disposed of the preceding clause, it’s made the mail address registered beforehand or something to notify of the effect to the address to a group.

3 When notice from the ward set as the preceding clause didn’t reach the user concerned by the user’s circumstances, I consider notice from the ward to have reached.

4 A question about disposal and a complaint in the ward accomplished with decision of an article aren’t being accepted at all.


The 14th article (restricted access)

1 The ward restricts use of this service of the user concerned without getting approval for the user concerned when the user comes under following one of them.

(1) when I judged that there was a fear that damage comes to a third person by the case that a group concerned participates in infection of a write once read many type virus and enormous volume transmission mailing, etc..

(2) when a contact by the telephones and e-mails, etc. can’t be made.

(3) when the mail shipped off to the user was returned to the ward.

(4) when I allowed exigency to have a high district in addition to the above each number.

2 The user concerned can’t use this service by the ward’s restricting use of this the user’s service based on the preceding clause, and even if damage occurs by this, the ward doesn’t shoulder responsibility at all.


The 15th article (immunity from responsibility)

1 Total liability indemnity isn’t owed to 1 ward about the user’s damage which occurred by use of this service.

2 When causing a damage to a third person by the user’s using this service, we assume that the user compensates this in own cost and responsibility.

3 Total liability indemnity isn’t owed to the ward about the damage which has been caused by the defect which occurred to this service and the case that errors and troubles, etc. can’t use this service.

4 We assume the ward is as of it for service, contents on this site and information, and that an offer is possible. The ward is made no kind of guarantees at all about the integrity, accuracy, application properties, the utility, the availability, safety and a certainty, etc. about offered information and the information by which the users are contents of registration and transmission (sending) done sentences and so on and software, etc..

5 ward does dissemination of information and advice accordingly to the user, but we assume that the responsibility isn’t shouldered about the result.

6 When service did 6 of data damage by some foreign factors, the ward doesn’t shoulder the responsibility.


The 16th article (governing law)

We assume this agreement is based upon Japanese law and that’s interpreted.


The rider

This agreement is carried out from January 4, 2017.