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The cooperative site by which Katsushika is everyone-Katsushika-ku formal cooperative home page-

The first one is this.

1  With the cooperative site by which Katsushika is everyone.

Everyone of enterprisers (It’s called “group” in the following.) does group registration of the autonomy town assembly doing contribution activity of an area in a ward, an inhabitant of a ward active group and NPO as an information sending member, a group, one can introduce the active contents, an event and information on volunteer recruitment timely. It becomes possible of the group which doesn’t have a home page to make the information sending wide through all cooperative site (It’s called “this site” in the following.)


2  Important matter of the group which can register a member group.

Even if member group registration isn’t done, you can use this site, but member group registration is needed to send group information from this site. It’ll be an important matter to meet the following condition to do member group registration.

(1) be the group doing contribution activity of an area in Katsushika-ku and be non-group of for-profit activities. But, even enterpriser’s profit-making group is the group doing area contribution activity, and we assume that only the case when the area contribution activity is sent can be registered.

(2) members of a group be more than 3.

(3) regulations about operation of a group (memorandums, agreements and rules of the society, etc.) be made.

(4) the thing a person in charge of a group and a contact person in charge can specify.

(5) don’t come into action contrary to activity contrary to good public order and customs and a decree.

(6) be not the group which had religious activities and political activity for its object.

(7) be not the group which had for its object that person young SHIKU in the specific public office (I said the prescribed public office to the public office election law (number 100 of law in 1950) 3rd article.) recommends the candidate or a political party and supports it or opposes these.

(8) a terrorist organization (I say a prescribed terrorist organization to a 2nd number of law (77th number of law in 1991) 2nd article about prevention of an unfair act by a gangster.) or goon squad young SHIKU be not the group which is under the gangster’s control.

(9) additionally be not the group which allowed the ward not to be suitable.


3  Flow of member group registration procedure.

Member group registration procedure becomes as follows. Further, the form you have submitted can’t be returned in spite of approval and disapproval.

(1) required documents

□ The cooperative site member group registration written application by which Katsushika is everyone (1st number, the style)

※ It’s possible to download it from the other home pages enclosed with this brochure.

□ Regulation about operation of a group (memorandum, agreement and rule of the society)

□ Register of a member or an official

□ The form which understands the activity outline

□ The picture by which it’s for group activity (When hoping for carrying, please submit electronic data or the actual article.)

(2) submission on required documents

Please arrange all forms above-mentioned in order and bring the 6th floor of ward office to a policy planning section.

※ A reception and an inquiry are indicated on a cover of this brochure.

(3) examination on presentation documents

(4) contact of an examination result

Authorization notice is sent to the address where you entered an examination result in “Katsushika, all cooperative site member group registration written application”.

When member group registration was approved….

➀ The first time registers the information you entered in a member group registration written application as basic information at a way to Katsushika-ku (It can be corrected by operation from the group side later.)

➁ I’ll issue “the member ID” and “temporary password” for login and inform you according to the authorization notice (Please be sure to change the temporary password at the time of the first time login.)

※ It’ll be one of “the member ID” and “temporary password” about 1 group.

… unacknowledged notice in case of member group registration disapproval is sent.

4  The thing Katsushika can do by all cooperative site (after member group registration).

When you do member group registration, the following information can be sent.

(1) basic information of group introduction (It’s also possible to carry a picture and an animation (YouTube).)

* The activity purpose, the activity contents, activity record, the member construction, the activity date and time and main arena

* The enrollment fee, membership fee and the phone number (the addresses, the telephone numbers and the mail address persons in charge, etc.)

(2) activity report

(3) event, news of a lecture and recruitment information※ for a volunteer and a member

※ It’s possible to receive participation on this site about the events to which recruitment was appealed on this site.

< the information (prohibited matter)※ part excerpt this site can’t carry>

➀ Act contrary to good public order and customs

➁ Act contrary to a decree

③ The act by which other user young SHIKU invades third person’s copyright

④ The act which slanders and slanders a third person in other user young SHIKU

⑤ The act by which other user young SHIKU gives disadvantage to a third person

⑥ Election campaign, political activity, religious activities, for-profit activities and the act by which young SHIKU makes the kind this

⑦ The act which interferes with operation of this site

⑧ The act to which the district contributes information besides the advanced cooperative promotion

⑨ Additionally the act which judges that the ward is unsuitable


5 Flow from the registration which is 5 events of information to carrying

It’ll be to carry information on this site on this site after being new and when contributing or doing the correction by which it’s for the carrying contents, the ward checks the contents, and I get agreement in the ward. It won’t appear on it immediately after input, so please accept it beforehand.

※ Control instructions are distributed to the group which registered a site member group.

Member group registration written application  Download

Registration change notice of the contents    Download

Site notice of withdrawal            Download

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