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The cooperative site by which Katsushika is everyone-Katsushika-ku formal cooperative home page-

With cooperation in Katsushika-ku

 A downtown pathos overflow and people’s bond in an area are a strong nature of the locality in Katsushika-ku. Therefore the person who lives in an area, industry of industry, commerce and agriculture, welfare, child rearing, the environment, community building, culture and a sport “will make the area” easier to live there by the person who participates in the various fields and the group in the respective areas already, the activity by which we assume “I made the local community better.” was being performed actively. This tradition is also inherited continuously as for present, and various activity is performed actively.


 I can think these activity means that I try to make Katsushika-ku a better town, and the direction where I aim at everyone is the same one. Therefore we assume that the active reach and the cooperative other party which are caught as cooperation as if for example the thing such as each home’s removing the snow from the way in front of the house at the time of a snowfall is also cooperation, as well as something in which the ward and a citizen active group cooperate with cooperation for a specific destination in this ward are caught widely.


 In other words, though the people who carry on various activity and groups, etc. understand and respect the mutual special quality with the thought that I’ll improve a local community, going on Katsushika-ku as a better town by coming into action and achieving “dream and home Katsushika where it takes pride and is here” is done with “the cooperation which seems to be Katsushika”.



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