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The cooperative site by which Katsushika is everyone-Katsushika-ku formal cooperative home page-

About this site

* About this site.

 Enterprisers do group registration of the autonomy town assembly doing contribution activity of an area in a ward, an inhabitant of a ward active group and NPO as an information sending member, and a group is the one by which one introduces the active contents, an event and information on volunteer recruitment timely, concentrates a subsidy system to an active group and information on a cooperative case from the ward and sends. Even the group which doesn’t have its home page becomes possible to make the information sending wide through this site. Such as increasing cooperative consciousness of an inhabitant of a ward by this as well as offering the chance of agreement with an activity group and exchange of information with activity group person time to recruit the inhabitant of a ward and the volunteer who would like to participate to a volunteer, more environmental development into which cooperation is moved forward will be promoted.


* The thing which can be done by this site (after member group registration)

(1) basic information of group introduction (It’s also possible to carry a picture and an animation (YouTube).)

  * The activity purpose, the activity contents, activity record, the member construction, the activity date and time and main arena

  * The enrollment fee, membership fee and the phone number (the addresses, the telephone numbers and the mail address persons in charge, etc.)

(2) activity report

(3) event, news of a lecture and recruitment information※ for a volunteer and a member

 ※ It’s possible to be a participation reception (the name, the telephone number or e-mail address) on this site about the events to which recruitment was appealed on this site.